About Us

Dianne Myers is a blogger, online marketer, content creator, SEO specialist and of course a pet parent of two lovely labradors, Ginger and Teddy.

Her blog, myersds.com is the place where she documents her everyday life and her thoughts in the internet. Dianne used to be in the furniture industry as this is what her family did.

It was started by her grandfather and still flourishes up to this day. With the advent of technology, the furniture business has to keep up with the times.

Being the daughter who was taking up information technology that time in the university, her father asked her to help out in making the business “updated” starting with a website.

And here’s the fascination with SEO and online marketing comes in. Aside from putting their furniture business in the internet, Dianne has since then been helping people with their SEO, content, and marketing concerns as well.

In her free time, Dianne likes to walk her dogs and attend spoken poetry sessions which she is passionate about too also.